If you are at EstateSaleAdvertising.com, you are most likely getting ready to hold an estate sale of your own and looking for the right places/ways to advertise.   EstateSaleAdvertising.com has accumulated a list of advertising resources to make your job easy!

1.  Signs:   Signs serve multiple functions on sale day.  They will help buyers coming from out of the area find you, and they also alert neighbors that you are holding a sale.   Whether you make your own signs with poster board and markers or you buy pre-made signs online, they are NECESSARY.  Make sure to get permission before posting a sign on somebody else’s property, and be sure to remove the signs promptly when the sale is over.

2.  Craigslist.com:  Love it or hate it, Craigslist is very important for estate sale advertising.  It is free and will drive buyers, especially in larger cities.  To post your listing on Craigslist:

  • Go to Craigslist.com and find your city.
  • Click on the garage sale category under the “for sale”heading
  • Click post in the upper right corner
  • Select garage and moving sales
  • Fill out the form and hit submit!

3.  Internet websites specializing in estate sales:

I get emails from site users asking me WHICH of these websites they should use.  My answer is ALL of them if your budget allows it.  All 3 of these sites have dedicated estate sale buyers that are looking for just estate sales.